About us


RustyHermit is an individual artist studio that both make and distribute anime/manga/game inspired goods since 2020. 

Merchandise in our store will fall in either of the two categories:

Made by RustyHermit

The product is either designed by RustyHermit or commissioned by        RustyHermit. We are in control of the design and production of this product.

Distributed by RustyHermit

The product is designed by other artists/artist group. RustyHermit gained permission to distributed this product. We want to help artists, especially oversea artists to gain what they worth, instead of getting their work stolen or resold.  


We also established strong relationship with various types of manufacturers during the years of making merchandise, if you are interested in doing collaboration or commission us, contact us via business@rusythermit.com or via Instagram/Twitter DM!

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