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"Sands of Time" Series Holographic Acrylic Ticket & Button

"Sands of Time" Series Holographic Acrylic Ticket & Button

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*This is a pre-order item, currently expected to ship by Jan 2023, actual ship by date may differ due to COVID

*This is a fan-made series by Northern Valley, and RustyHermit gained permission to distribute their work. If you want to contact the original creator, you can DM us on Instagram/Twitter and we will see what we can do.

Holographic Acrylic Ticket Collection 

- Aki, Power, Makima, Denji

- 2.75" x 9"

- Stained Glass Design

- Offset Printing + Screen Print Detail

- Holographic Acrylic 

Holographic Button/Badge Collection

- Aki, Power, Makima, Denji

- 65mm Diameter

- Offset Printing + Holographic background

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