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Flandre's Impression Ring

Flandre's Impression Ring

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*Avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes.
*Avoid wearing while bathing, swimming in pools, or swimming in the sea.
*When not wearing for an extended period, store in a sealed bag to isolate from air and reduce oxidation and blackening.

Crafted with 925 Sterling Silver, Synthetic Ruby, and Cubic Zirconia, Comes with box

Offering a silver necklace chain with a maximum length of 50cm(19.69") and thickness of 1.3mm

The ring is available in five sizes:

Size 18: 2.34" - 2.52"、5.95cm-6.39cm

Size 21: 2.47" - 2.65"、6.28cm-6.73cm

Size 24: 2.60" - 2.79"、6.61cm-7.09cm

Size 27: 2.74" - 2.93"、6.97cm-7.45cm

Size 30: 2.89" - 2.98"、7.33cm-7.57cm

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