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Mega Ranni | OvO+ Plush Doll

Mega Ranni | OvO+ Plush Doll

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*If you think this work violates your IP, pls contact us via, the artist has been trying to get your official license for a long time.

*Production has finished and ready to ship.


OvO Dress-up Doll Series by OvO

+ 130 cm or 4.2 ft in height with height

+ top-tier material and stitching
+ All clothes/accessories shown are included

* Right from the beginning we decided to not profit from mega Ranni as we want this to be a gift to ourselves and ER fans. Each one will cost 200+ USD to produce and 100+ USD to ship. 

* Our price is set to include free shipping, but if the shipping cost goes way too beyond what we can take, additional shipping cost invoice may be sent to you. 

* All mega Ranni will be ship directly from the manufacturer to your house so expect the shipping origin to be China. (We can't afford to ship all the mega Rannis to our place then ship to you guys as that will cost more than 150+ USD per Ranni)


We will be keep making cute anime/game plushies like these, consider follow us on Twitter or Instagram for upcoming projects!


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