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【PRE-ORDER】 Megumin | OvO

【PRE-ORDER】 Megumin | OvO

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*This is a fan-made plush by OvO and has nothing to do with any existing IPs.


*This is a on-going PRE-ORDER, production of each plush will start when there's 30+ pre-orders. You will be invited to a discord server after placing the pre-order to see the current progress.

*A discord link will be sent to you after purchase, you will see the latest order count there!

30+ orders = Production

100+ orders = Exclusive Box

*Both Deposit + Final Payment & Pay-in-Full options are available

*If you choose Deposit, you will receive a payment notice from us when production is near complete, and we will direct you to the final payment listing!

*Deposit $10 + Final payment $35 (Shipping paid separately)

*Pay-in-Full will be $39.95 (Shipping paid separately)

OvO Dress-up Doll Series by OvO

+ 20cm or 7.8" tall dress-up plush doll

+ top-tier material and stitching

+ All clothes/accessories shown are included

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