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"Succubus Kuroro" | RH Original Unisex T-shirt

"Succubus Kuroro" | RH Original Unisex T-shirt

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*Collecting Pre-orders from 10/28/2022-11/11/2022

*Ships out in 2-4 weeks after Pre-order close

*Will have some in-stock after Pre-orders are shipped 


100% Cotton Half-sleeve T-shirt

Full-color screen printing 

Fully original tee that's drawn and designed by RH! 

Just want to see Kuroro become a Succubus Captain with some ...... good vibe.



8.5" x 2.75"

High Performance Vinyl, Water proof/UV proof for at least half year

Your support and love will keep us going and making more good original work like this! So TYSM in advance!

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